Gabrielle Delacour

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 01.18.34 Gabrielle Delacour. Witch & part-Veela. Aquarius. Diva, easily impressed, family-oriented.


GD Everyday Peggy 0901 retextured by Anubis360  |  Prep school uniform @ Sims 3 Store Formal Newsea Thornbirds retextured by pixelated zombies  |  Tea party dress by Lillka  |  Shoes lurex by Altea127 Sleepwear Snuggly pyjama bottoms by Minicart  Athletic Sneakers for girls by Lillka Swimwear Pretty summer swimsuit by CherryBerrySim Outerwear Rose floral coat by Ekinege   PLEASE NOTE: IN ORDER FOR THESE SIMS TO WORK IN YOUR GAME, YOU WILL NEED MATCHING CONTENT. MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU MUST HAVE THE SIMS 3 SUPERNATURAL INSTALLED.

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