Cho Chang


“If they think I’m not going to fight You-Know-Who after what happened to Cedric…”

Cho’s charmed life at Hogwarts as the popular, pretty Ravenclaw Seeker is blown apart by the death of her boyfriend. When Cedric is killed by Lord Voldemort, Cho is motivated to fight the Dark Side and defies her parents to join Dumbledore’s Army. She spends a lot of time trying to reconcile her “mixed-up, painful” feelings for Harry with her grief for Cedric – it was never really going to work out. Despite their doomed attempts at romance, Cho learns a lot from Harry, becoming adept at stunning spells and producing her swan Patronus. Cho returns to fight in the final Battle of Hogwarts and witness Voldemort’s downfall.


Cho Chang
Magical ability ∼ Witch
Starsign ∼ Libra
School ∼ Hogwarts, Ravenclaw house
Traits ∼ bookworm, friendly, hopeless romantic, overemotional



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