Madam Hooch

headshot_original (1)

“Penalty! Penalty to Gryffindor! I’ve never seen such tactics!”

Madam Hooch is the flying instructor and Quidditch referee at Hogwarts. She has to deal with rogue bludgers, underhanded tactics, fiercely competitive house competitions, bouts of “Muggle duelling” and even a dementor pitch invasion. Nevertheless, Madam Hooch has been devoted to the game ever since she learned to fly on her first Silver Arrow broomstick.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 22.58.16

Roland Hooch
Magical ability ∼ Witch
Starsign ∼ Sagittarius
School ∼ Hogwarts
Traits ∼ athletic, commitment issues, disciplined, loves the outdoors, night owl


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