Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have taken the liberty of arranging this little surprise for you all…

To celebrate Lockhart’s favourite holiday, I’ll be posting new Harry Potter couples all month. The only question is who would you like?

      • Harry & Ginny
      • Ron & Hermione
      • George & Angelina
      • Neville & Hannah
      • Luna & Rolf
      • Percy & Audrey
      • Draco & Astoriadone!
      • Andromeda & Ted

Comment below with your favourites, and the highest voted couples will appear on the site. These are the relationships that made the distance, so I’ll be posting them as either young adult or adults. (But if you do want to create teenage romances at Hogwarts, all the teens can be found here).

If you would like to suggest a couple that I haven’t included on this list let me know in the comments, but let’s keep it canon folks! No Dramione shipping here please.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favourite magical couples already available to download:

One Comment Add yours

  1. Corvin says:

    Hey, great to see you back.

    Lovely idea with the couples!

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