4, Privet Drive


Privet Drive looked exactly as a respectable suburban street would be expected to look

Number 4, Privet Drive is one of many identical large, square houses with large, square owners in the suburb of Little Whinging. The home of the Dursley family, everything here is perfectly normal, thank you very much.

Aunt Petunia has decorated her little slice of suburban bliss in her favourite shades of puce, peach and magnolia, and many many photos of her precious Dudleykins. This download comes complete with Petunia, Vernon and Dudley (although not Harry, as he’s desperate to escape Privet Drive).



Occupants ∼ Dursley family
Size ∼ 15 x 30 

Location ∼ Little Whinging, Surrey



Thank you to many other talented simmers for their custom content. CC credit goes to:

AniFlowersCreations: welcome mat | anulaa89: TV | aroundthesims3: doorbellstreet numbers, detergent, mail sorter, mattresses, bench, gloves, remote, tray, invitation, apron, table mats, salt & pepper, stacked plates, vanity, footed dish, old plate| Camille: paintings | chasmchronicle: DIY curtain set | ClioSims3: pillows | cmomoney: clutter | Cyclonesue: bare bulb | Flovv: vanity set, bedroom, picture frames | granthes: OMSPHugeLunatic: invisble driveway | TheJim07: colonial light, étagère | Kandiraver: toys | Killc*a: vase | Leefish: door and windows | Li.Ko: Hedwig | LilyOfTheValley: bird bath, tableclothmailbox | Lisen801: wall writing | Lulu265: built-in unitshed | madaya74: sheer curtain | Menaceman44: rug | mutske: window, cushions, TV cabinet, kitchen, tiles, antique lounge | NynaeveDesign: blanket | pancakebobs: CDs | Severinka: bedroom set | ShinoKCR: peonies, trolley, photo frames, kitchen cabinet, sink, trolley, stool, mirror | SIMcredible: trolley | sim_man123: rose, rubber plant | Stanislav: TV | sweetdevil: bathroom cabinet | wolfspryte: decor boxrug, curtain

Sims 3 store content: rug,  wall lightlampClub Vaidenburger setitems from Monte Vistacoat stand, trellis, laundry set

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