Ministers for Magic

Ministers for Magic

“You’ve got my vote for Minister of Magic if we ever get out of this mess.

The three Ministers for Magic who took on the weighty job of leading the magical society through the Second Wizarding War, with varying degress of success.

Fudge, “a little blustering, a little pompous” allowed his paranoia and panic to get the better of him when Voldemort returned. Instead of focusing his efforts on preventing Voldemort’s rise to power, he waged a pointless feud against Albus Dumbledore before resigning from office – a true “bungler if ever there was one”.

His successor Rufus Scrimgeour was “a more forceful and decisive personality”, but still failed to make significant headways against the rising Dark Side. He was former Head of the Auror Office, but was ultimately assassinated in office. Despite his fundamental disagreements with both Dumbledore and Harry Potter, Scrimgeour died protecting Harry and shielding his whereabouts.

Kingsley Shacklebolt was an experienced Auror and a brave member of the Order of the Phoenix, both inside the Ministry and later within the anti-Voldemort resistance movement. He was appointed as a caretaker Minister after the victory at the Battle of Hogwarts before being duly elected. The longest-serving Minister for Magic since 1903, Minister Shacklebolt is a tireless and popular Minister whose wide-reaching reforms include removing the dementors from Azkaban, rounding up the Death Eaters and tackling latent corruption within the Ministry itself. He’ll be a tough act to follow – is any witch or wizard up to the job?


Cornelius Fudge
Minister for Magic 1990-1996
Magical ability ∼ Wizard
Starsign ∼ Cancer
Traits ∼ ambitious, excitable, over-emotional, schmoozer, snob

Rufus Scrimgeour
Minister for Magic 1996-1997
Magical ability ∼ Wizard
Starsign ∼ Scorpio
Traits ∼ ambitious, brave, brooding, hot-headed, workaholic

Kingsley Shacklebolt
Minister for Magic 1998-present
Magical ability ∼ Wizard
Starsign ∼ Libra
Traits ∼ ambitious, brave, disciplined, neat, perceptive

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