Dolores Umbridge

“What Cornelius doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Dolores Jane Umbridge is a power-hungry Ministry of Magic official. Deeply prejudiced, controlling and sadistic, Umbridge is a nightmare in pink bows, frills and flounces. Her hobbies include collecting the ‘Frolicsome Feline’ ornamental plate range and inventing instruments of torture.

James Potter

“Your dad was the best friend I’ve ever had and he was a good person. A lot of people are idiots at fifteen. He grew out of it.”

James Potter was Harry’s father. At Hogwarts he was a talented pupil and gifted Chaser, but also a rebellious trouble maker. James became an Animagus illegally, and created the Marauders map along with his best friends. James fought in the original Order of the Phoenix during the First Wizarding War. He managed to evade Voldemort three times, but was betrayed and killed on 31st October 1981. A monument remains to James and Lily in their hometown of Godric’s Hollow.

Professor McGonagall

“You will excuse me if I don’t let you off homework today. I assure you that if you do die, you need not hand it in.”

Strict and clever, Professor McGonagall has taught Transfiguration to successive generations of Hogwarts students. Despite her stern exterior Professor McGonagall definitely has a soft spot. She is Head of Gryffindor house, a gifted member of the Order of the Phoenix, a passionate Quidditch fan and – sometimes – a tabby cat.

Rita Skeeter

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